This section of the Clarke’s web site is for the journals or brief histories of those that have gone before us. These journals contain stories that are inspirational, faith building, of heroes and tell the plights of ordinary people in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. Their value is in what they tell us about our family from which we come and from which we have inherited circumstance and characteristics. We owe them our gratitude for their perseverance, courage and accomplishment. Sharing these stories with our children and grandchildren can help them understand what has been accomplished and give them insight into thier own potentials.

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In order to provide the complete text from many journals in readable, printable and savable form, I have chosen to publish these using Adobe’s pdf file format. To provide the most flexible and most usable experience I have chosen Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.1.1. This is one of the latest versions as of this writing and you may need to download it to your computer. (This application is completely free and this newer version will help you in other applications as well). If you cannot see the Journal documents then please use the button link below to download and then install the new Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1.        get_adobe_reader

Once downloaded, you will be able to view the journals found in this section. Use the controls found in the top menu, or on the left panel of the reader. Also right click within the journal window to view additional features and options for your new adobe reader. Try it, You’ll like it!

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