Tracing our Ancestors

Jennifer Hunt Clarke has a truly remarkable genealogy. She can trace her ancestry back through several lines to Charlemagne of old. In order to do so it is necessary to trace your ancestry through the royal lines of Europe. She can show her linage tracing back to many of these royal lines. She can show as many as seven ancestors who traveled to the new world on the Mayflower and are recorded in the early days of the plymouth colony. She has many ancestral connections to the early settlements and latter development of the colonies and then the United States. Her more recent ancestors joined the Mormon church in it’s infancy and most of them crossed the plains as Mormon pioneers. The Kimball line (Jennifer’s mother is a Kimball) goes back through Heber C. Kimball. Jennifer is a second cousin thrice removed from our recent prophet, Spencer W. Kimball. 

The Clarke genealogy line is equally remarkable and the information will be added as it is made available.

These web pages will be used to document genealogy lines of Todd Clarke and the Hunt-Kimball lines for Jennifer Hunt Clarke. 

Due to the immense size of Jennifer’s genealogical files (over 35,000 individual names and over 14,000 marriages), only the first 8 generations will be shown. This will be true for Todd’s lines as well on this web site. This large of a paf generated set of web pages run into the many thousands of pages and is definitely not practical. However the entire Gedcom files can be made available from this site in an adobe pdf document that can be downloaded to add to the genealogy of relatives or others that would be interested in doing so.

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